Friday, 8 July 2016

The Marketing Of Music

What Is the Psychology of Music in 2016? - A Journal of Musical Things

"When the music industry really wants you to hear a song, you will hear that song—over and over again. It’ll find your ears in pizzerias, at the pharmacy, ringing tinnily in gas station parking lots."
playalongjon's insight:
A 'catchy tune' can earn you lots of money and turn you into a 'celebrity' !  

Why We Enjoy Sad Music?

Why Do We Enjoy Sad Music? | the psychology of music |
"Music can be a powerful presence in many aspects of people’s lives. It’s second only perhaps to smell in its power to bring back memories from decades ago and recall events or people you had very nearly forgotten."
playalongjon's insight:
The many facets of music!