Thursday, 10 September 2009

Human Communication

The Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication

Human communication to me means both verbal and non-verbal communication. Often when people first hear the word communication they immediately think of verbal communication, that is speaking and writing. Often the non-verbal aspects of communication are only seen as of secondary importance.

In the human communicative process the non-verbal aspects of communication that is touch, eye contact, indirect body language cues, facial expressions and gestures and listening to what the other person is saying are of primary importance. Non-verbal cues or expressions are therefore an essential part of human communication and should not be ignored

If you try to communicate with someone by writing, on-line or over the telephone it is unlikely that you will to see the other person’s facial and bodily expressions. This means that you are never quite sure whether the communication process has been completely genuine.

Even when you are face-to-face with someone and you are the one who is doing most of the talking, it is unlikely that you are doing much listening. Without the ability to listen there can be no understanding and without understanding there can be no communication.

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