Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Perspective of Colour and Its Role In Human Communication

Colour affects us all in subtle and more noticeable ways during the course of our daily lives, here are some links which expand on this further.
"Colours, like people have different personalities and these are perhaps the reason why we are attracted to ......." MORE
"Colour is so deeply imbedded in our psyche that it's like the air that we breath… we don't notice the power, ...." MORE
Can There Really Be A Colour And Music Relationship ?
 “The relationship of colour and music has inspired philosophical and creative discovery throughout the ages. ....."  MORE
Musical  Color Experiences
 “The experiences of color and music have always been closely intertwined. ......."  MORE
The Great Color Music Debate.   Painting music by colors is a subject which has occupied many a great mind down the centuries. The pondering goes along these lines. When one hears a particular musical sound one is drawn to a particular color or a particular sound is associated with a particular color or a color with a sound. Whether this is only a subjective experience on the part of the listener or whether we can draw a wider correlation between certain musical sounds and certain colors is open to debate. .........  MORE

Check out:  Color Codes: Modern Theories of Color in Philosophy, Painting and Architecture, Literature, Music and Psychology. by Charles A. Riley (Paperback)   …..  MORE

The author thinks that by trying to understand our own and other people’s ‘personality color’ it would help us to communicate with others better.
“Each one of us has one of four personality colors that dominate the way we behave and communicate  ......" MORE

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